Is it safe to buy laptop from flipkart | All details 2023

In today’s era which is 21st century, this century  is all about technology. Today each one  of us have Smartphone and laptop at our home too. Today they are basic need  of human being.

Laptops are very  essential in  today’s world. It helps us to maintain the record of business but the people who do jobs or work online for them their laptop is most important in their life.  they can forget their mail but not their laptops.

For middle class family buying a laptop is very confusing because today we have plenty of laptops in different price points. Second task is whether they should buy a laptop online or offline because middle class family run after discounts or offers. When they see more offers on online platform then they research about laptop offline but  they buy laptops from online apps like Amazon , Flipkart etc. because they get lot of offers. Then the question comesIs it safe to buy laptop from Flipkart” 

So in this blog you will came to know all the reasons why we should buy or why we should not buy a laptop from online sites? Is it safe to buy laptop from flipkart ?

Is it safe to buy laptop from flipkart 2023

Is it safe to buy laptop from flipkart | All details 2023

The answer is yes, according to me it is totally safe to buy laptops online because I have ordered many electronic items from Flipkart.

We should buy laptop online or offline  | 2023

In today’s world all people are shifting from offline to online that is why all companies know focus more online rather than offline. Online we get more advantages and  opportunities rather than online like offers , home delivery , all specifications explained and most important reviews of people who had used the product before.

Reasons why we should buy laptop online | 2023

  • Discount- online apps provide us special  discount , offer which vary month on month. Fresh products we can get at low price a compared to offline store and shops.
  • EMI- It also provide us with EMI options which help us to buy the product easily which is over our budget In small small instalments.
  • DeliveryShopping online facilitates with home delivery.  We don’t need to go to any shop or any store for  buying things with just one click order will reach at our home safely and in proper condition.
  • Review Buying product online also shows us the reviews of the people who are already using the product
  • Variety- Buying product online we get lots of variety as compared to the offline market for the product which we are searching for. We can get it at much better quality and on much better price as we are getting more options to select  then we are getting at our local market.

Keep reading the blog for most useful advantage of buying product online.

That is comparison and details of product .

  • ComparisonOnline apps allows us to compare the two products  in which are confused or to know the actual difference between two products. It compares each and everything of the product with second product which allows us to choose the product according to our need.
  • Detail of product- Online provide us all the specifications of products in detailed way. Online we can get better information as compared to offline because sometime the shopkeeper or the salesman does not tell disadvantage of the product but online we can get everything from  advantage to disadvantage.

Reasons why we should not buy a laptop or any other product online | 2023

According to me, we can buy any product or laptop online without any tension because nowadays all people are shifting to online so the companies are also giving their best in online platforms because they get their most of the traffic online . But sometimes there are such things which avoid us to buy things online.

  • Wrong product- Sometimes we get wrong product from the seller side and when we tell the seller regarding the wrong product some sellers refused to return the money as they say its your fault we have done nothing.

Then the question comes “How we can save us from the fraud sellers on online platform”?

The answer is that we should always record a video of our parcel when we are opening it. The video must include opening of the parcel and checking all the parts of the product carefully from all sides.We can show this video as proof if the cell the refused to return the money back  or the thing we can do is that we can purchase the order on COD (cash on delivery).

Other reasons are

    • We can’t see the product, test it or try it (speacially clothes).
  • Delivery- Sometimes or delivery is not turn on time given by the seller so we have to wait for the delivery if we are in hurry

When it is right time to buy laptops on Flipkart | 2023

Buying laptop is very difficult task specially online. So we have to find the right time on which we can buy the laptop on great discount. “ Which is the right time at which we can buy the laptop on Flipkart “?

The right time to buy laptops on Flipkart is there BBD (big billion days). This sales come twice the year in around may to June and second time around September to October. In this sale we get lots of additional offers on all the products and we can get greatest discount of all the time.

Is it safe to book a laptop from Flipkart without COD? | Which  type of payment method is best for buying?

When we order any product from online sites the question in a mind comes is it safe to buy  product online buy COD method.. The answer is yes without COD also  we can buy the product which are by card or buy online transactions through Paytm , Google pay. If we do the COD methods we don’t get  offers or discount but if we use the online transactions or by using our card we can get  offers and discount ( on selected cards ). So according to me, if we are buying the product which is costly we should go  through the online method if we want  discounts and if we are buying a product  which is cheaper we can go through the COD method or the online transaction.

How can I claim  warranty on Flipkart?

if you have recently purchased a laptop from Flipkart, or planning to buy one you must be aware of the warranty policies they offer. There are various options they provide so that you can use any one of those according to your convenience.

If you found that your laptop is having some sort of issues after being delivered within the time period of 7 days, you can raise a request on the Flipkart mobile app or official web portal, so that they can help you in replacing your laptop with a new one.

Here are the steps you need to follow to claim your replacement (within the return period):

  • Go to the “My Orders” section on the Flipkart website or app(after signing in).
  • Select the order for which you want to claim the replacement.
  • Click on the ‘Return’ button, just below your order details.
  • Enter your complaint details and submit them.
  • The customer care executive will get in touch with you soon, to resolve your issue.

Note –  You can only raise a replacement request if the product delivered to you is in the specific replacement time period. You can check the replacement duration, on the product page itself while placing your order online.

How can you get Customer Service?

Some complaints about their customer service, which means you might not be able to get help on time if you have a problem with your purchase. These types of problems happened sometimes

What if our money is deducted from our account and don’t approve  on the app? |  2023

If our money is deducted from our account and don’t  approve on the app don’t take tension. the money is send back to your account within 5 to 6 working days and sometime it is send back to you within few hours. No need to worry.


  1. Is it safe to use Flipkart?

Ans ; The official Flipkart website is safe and verified.

  1. Should I order from Flipkart or Amazon?

Ans ; Flipkart is the most trusted, but Amazon offers a superior shopping experience in India. While Flipkart features trusted Indian brands, Amazon’s user experience is unmatched and outstanding. Thus, Flipkart and Amazon are both rather well-known ecommerce brands in India.

  1. Is it safe to buy expensive items on Flipkart?

Ans ; There is no problem in buying products from Flipkart. However, in any case you get the defected product. Then, according to return policy your product may get replaced if you inform them within 7 days

  1. What day is the cheapest to buy laptop?

Ans ; It’s no surprise that the most deals showed up during November around Black Friday. Companies such as Best Buy, Dell, Lenovo, and Amazon also offer deals throughout the rest of the year. It’s pretty common to see a handful of laptop deals or specials randomly throughout each month, particularly in February and August

Conclusion .

At the end I would say thanks for reading my blog till the end, keep reading my blogs and keep  Sporting and please fill the feedback form at the end it will be helpful for me.


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